Price List

Prices of SMS Packages

The table below presents our competitive prices. We remind you that our SMS never expire

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.


Il pagamento con carta di credito permette la disponibilità immediata degli SMS acquistati

  • Competitive cost
  • Transfer to an European Bank
  • Secure Payment
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Included Sender Dynamic
  • Included Delivery Report

Below are the costs of all available packages. There are no surcharges for paying by credit card. Payment by credit card takes place on the encrypted site of the international manager Stripe. Not we do not record any data from your credit card to ensure maximum security of your data.

N. SMS Cost Cost per SMS
1007.00 Euro7.00 cent
25017.00 Euro6.80 cent
50033.00 Euro6.60 cent
1,00064.00 Euro6.40 cent
2,500155.00 Euro6.20 cent
5,000305.00 Euro6.10 cent
10,000600.00 Euro6,00 cent
20,0001,180.00 Euro5.90 cent
30,0001,740.00 Euro5.80 cent
40,0002,280.00 Euro5.70 cent
50,0002,800.00 Euro5.60 cent
100,0005,500.00 Euro5.50 cent
150,0008,100.00 Euro5,40 cent
250,00013,500.00 Euro5.40 cent
500,00026,500.00 Euro5.30 cent
1,000,00051.000,00 Euro5.10 cent
Prices are exclusive of VAT.
VAT only applies to individuals and Malta companies