Send a Single SMS

Do you need to send an SMS quickly? Nothing could be easier: with 3 clicks you can send the message all over the world..

  • 1. Type the text
  • 2. Type the recipient number (you can search on your personal phonebook)
  • 3. Click on the Send button
That's all !
  • Choose Send SMS
  • Type the text
  • Type the number or choose it on your phonebook
  • Click on Send button
  • Done !

Sending an SMS has never been so quick and easy. You also have the certainty of the cost and the guarantee of a very fast delivery.

Send SMS to a Group

Do you want to send a text message to a group? You can send thousands of text messages by entering only the text of the message and choosing the shipping group. You can also schedule shipping to desired date and time. You will be sure that your message will be delivered at the desired time. No more dates to remember.

  • 1. Type the text
  • 2. Scegli il Gruppo
  • 3. Click on the Send button
Done !
  • Choose Send SMS
  • Type the text
  • Choose the Group
  • Choose date an time for sending
  • Done !

With this feature you can send thousands of SMS with just a few clicks of the mouse. Furthermore, being able to program the sending date, you can organize your advertising campaigns well in advance.

SMS delivery with Choice of recipients

Need to send an SMS message to a small group of your contacts? These are the steps to follow

  • 1. Type the text
  • 2. Choose recipients from your phone book
  • 3. Click on Send button
Done !
  • Choose Send SMS
  • Type the text
  • Choose Recipients
  • Choose time and date
  • Done !

From your contact directory you can choose the contacts you want to send the message to. Also in this case you can decide the date and time of shipment.

Send birthday SMS

No more having to remember every birthday date. Program your greeting sms and let us do the work for you

  • 1. Insert birthdays
  • 2. Type the greeting text
  • 3. Click on the Confirm Button
Done !
  • Choose Send SMS
  • Insert Birthdays
  • Type the greeting text
  • Done !

You can create different text for men and women. The text will be personalized with the recipient's name

SMS Reception

If you need SMS receiving services such as contests, surveys, market research, we have the solution for you:

  • 1. SMS receving on a dedicated number
  • 2. SMS Receiving on a shared number
  • Receiving SMS on a dedicated number
  • Receiving SMS on a Shared number
  • Forward by web or email of the SMS received
  • Marketing Campaigns

Send SMS by API

You can send SMS through your application. We provide API interfacing and we also have a sample program in our documentation to interface with us

  • Easy to Interface
  • SSend single SMS
  • Send SMS to a Group
  • SMS sent Report with status

The interfacing is very simple, we also provide you with an example of creating an interfacing program.

Send SMS by Email

You can interface many devices with our SMS delivery service: switchboards, alarms, opening and closing systems. Many of these systems allow you to send an email, and we can do it for you convert into an SMS to be sent to the number you indicate to us. No programming knowledge is required

  • Alarm Systems
  • Levels Control
  • Open and close doors Control
  • Help Desk

For all devices with email feature

Send SMS with OTP code

We provide you with a FREE OTP generator and a system to automatically send the customer the OTP via SMS. Sending OTP via SMS is the most used method for user authentication.
Our system does the work for you: you just need to send the OTP generation request: we generate the OTP and send it via SMS to the customer. And you only pay the cost of the single SMS!

  • Autenticazione sul Sito con OTP
  • Conferma Operazione con OTP
  • Abilitazione servizio con OTP
  • Assistenza telefonica con OTP

For authentication systems with OTP, OTP confirmation SMS, Assistance with OTP